2022 Conference


Oral Presentations


1st Place - $500 Award

Anthony Boxleiter, Doctoral student in Chemistry and Geosciences

Presentation Title: Georgia Kaolin Clay: Rare-Earth Elements And Sustainable Mineral Resources


2nd Place $350 Award

Santana Nash, Master's student in Welch School of Art and Design

Presentation Title: African Comics in the Presence of Black Spirituality


3rd Place (Tie) $250 Awards

Sarah King, Doctoral student in Economics

Presentation Title: Does Summer School Work? Evidence from a 2021 Summer Program


Mia Milne, Doctoral student in Sociology

Presentation Title: A County-Level Analysis of Alabama's Chemical Endangerment Law on Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes



Poster Presentations


1st Place - $500 Award

Ezgi Sen, Master's student in Biology

Presentation Title: Increase in Dopamine Levels Lead to Monogamy


2nd Place (Tie) - $350 Awards


Oluwadunsin Agbolabori, Master's student in Economics

Presentation Title: Space Travel History – Visualization


Ranju Ghimire, Master's student in Chemistry

Presentation Title: Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Donor-ᴫ-Acceptor Fluorophores for Bioimaging Applications



3rd Place (Tie) - $250 Awards


Sarah Edwards, Master's student in Computer Science

Presentation Title: Georgia State University Contact Network and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions


Lyric Hathaway, Master's student in Africana Studies

Presentation Title: Points of Entry and Existence: A Case Study Examination of East African Migrants in Clarkston, Georgia


Musical Performances


Creative Excellence - $300 Award


Sarah Griffin, Master's student in School of Music

Performance Title: Chia-Yu Hsu's Chasing Shadows (2013) for Solo Alto Saxophone



Film Presentations and Artistic Talks 

First Place - $300 Award 


Cassidy Cannon, Master's student in Art History

Artistic Talk Title: Wrapping the Flesh: Materiality of Skin(s) and Affect in Jusepe de Ribera's Paintings

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